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Superior Absorption

Liposomal technology delivers more to the cells to better support immunity, collagen production, and antioxidant protection.* They bypass the typical absorption constraints in the gut, delivering this nutrient directly to the cells for rapid uptake and effect.

This buffered non-gmo version of vitamin c is generally better tolerated by those with gastrointestinal sensitivity.






Vitamin C is one of your greatest allies for fending off free radicals caused by our modern lifestyles. It has been shown to increase your overall antioxidant status.


Essential Cofactor


Essential Cofactor

Vitamin C is a critical cofactor in numerous enzymatic reactions in your body including collagen production.


Heart Protector


Heart Protector

Studies show that vitamin C is heart protective and can reduce the risk of developing hypertension.


Immune Supporter


Immune Supporter

Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of cold like symptoms and protect the body against infections.

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Does vitamin C need to be refrigerated?

Yes, please refrigerate the bottle after opening.

Can vitamin C be given to children?

Please check with your child’s health care practitioner.

Is Vitamin C safe for pregnant and nursing women?

Yes, it is safe, but please contact your healthcare practitioner for details on appropriate dosing.

What does it mean that this vitamin C is buffered?

Buffered vitamin C is easier on the digestive tract and can be consumed by people who have digestive sensitivities.

What is the benefit of a liposomal supplement?

Liposomal supplements are potent and highly bioavailable to the body. Our liposomal delivery bypasses the typical absorption constraints in the gut, delivering this nutrient directly to the cells for rapid uptake and effect as soon as it hits the tongue.

Why do I need to take a vitamin C supplement?

Liposomal vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that works to support essential functions throughout the body. It helps provide powerful antioxidant support to address free radicals, immune system dynamics, healthy collagen production, and ideal gene expression.

What is the shelflife of Vitamin C?

Please use within 60 days of opening.

If you have further questions about Vitamin C, please check out our FAQs here.

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