Boost Your Immunity At Home: From Dr. Mark Hyman

Boost Your Immunity At Home: From Dr. Mark Hyman

A lot of you have been asking me how to protect your immunity during this strange and unsettling time. So instead of feeling stuck at home, I want to invite you to reframe our time of social distancing as a chance to reset with my new favorite free resource. 

 One of the most powerful ways to revamp your immune system and reset your entire body—your metabolism, cognition, energy, libido, and more—is to ditch sugar and starch. And being at home in our own comfort zone with more control over our environment means we’re set up for success. The temptation of social get-togethers with bar food and alcohol is currently at a minimum—take advantage of it! 

Your immune system’s job is to defend you against invaders like viruses and other foreign microbes, toxins, or abnormal cells like cancer or foreign food proteins. Imagine your immune system as an army that must clearly distinguish friend from foe. Studies have shown that refined sugars can suppress your immune system for hours after ingesting. Limiting starch and sugar will help your immune system function better and improve your overall health. 

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to eliminating sugar and flour from your diet, I have the perfect free resource for you: my brand-new 10 Day Reset. 

Here’s what you’ll learn and how you can start feeling stronger today:

  1. Give up the bad stuff and embrace real food (without counting calories or macros).  You’ll learn how to avoid sugar and starch and you’ll take a break from things like caffeine, alcohol, and dairy. Start enjoying foods like non-starchy veggies, good fats like avocado and olive oil, and healthy protein like grass-fed and organic meats, fish, chicken, and plant-based sources of protein like gluten-free tempeh to feed your body the right kind of fuel.

  2. Optimize your lifestyle choices. Great sleep is key to a strong immune system and paves the way for better health in every aspect of the word; I’ll teach you how dial-in your schedule for a more restful routine. It’s also really important to look at when you eat as much as what you eat—I’ll explain how to time your meals to support your goals. Start tonight by eating dinner before dark, dimming all the lights in the house an hour before bed, and taking an Epsom salt bath.

  3. How to supplement effectively. I always reach for food as medicine first, but with the declining nutrients in our soil and the stressors we’re all up against daily (even more so lately), we can be deficient in many essential vitamins and minerals. That’s where supplements can help. I’ll tell you which are most important and what forms are most beneficial. Our immune system needs the right amounts of these important nutrients to stay strong and do its job. 

 I know it’s an overwhelming time. Let’s try to use it as a chance to truly take care of ourselves and strengthen our immunity in the process. 

Wishing you health and happiness, 
Mark Hyman, MD 

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